Forecast your Financial Future, and make better decisions

Razar Cashflow Words

Financial Forecasting

Financial Forecasting is part science and part art, and is centered on projecting a business’s financial performance and stability into the future.  RazorCashflow’s Financial Forecaster is a simple, robust and powerful solution to pragmatically forecast your firm’s financial performance, whilst allowing you the flexibility to massage that future to reflect your known and planned events.

Would you make better business decisions if you had 98% confidence that in 6 months you would have a cash surplus of a specific amount?  You’ve got nothing to lose, simply install the bundle, set up a model and let it run.  Over time you can assess the results and let your confidence builds in the results provided.

Capital Management

Commercial Borrowing ; Set up repayment schedules for your obligations and have them ready for payment or collection when they fall due so that you can focus on doing what you do.

Fixed Assets; Create an asset directly from any purchase or payment transaction and then run depreciation, write of, or sell away the   the asset, the process couldn’t be easier.

IP Assets; RazorCashflow will build an IP Asset while its ‘WIP’ directly from approved timesheets, and then with a ‘click of a button’ reallocate the asset on your Balance Sheet and set up an amortization schedule to ensure its complete utilisation.

Investments Assets; Each investment made can be tracked separately, revalued, added to and disposed of.  And, for publicly quoted investments the revaluation process can be automated.