RAZAR CRM (Bundle #199396)

Bundle Installation

  1. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles
  2.  Search for ‘Razar’ and select ‘SWA – Razar.CRM’ (bundled# 199396)
  3.  Click on Install button
  4.  This will show the preview page and show components that will be installed.  Click on “Install Bundle” to continue.  Then click OK in the pop-up confirmation Message
  5. A Progress page will display, it will show status of installation. Status is marked “Pending…” if the installation is in progress.  “Checked” if the installation is successful and “X” if there is an error.
  1. Go to Setup > General Preferences
  2.  Under Custom Preference Tab, a SWA – Razar Messaging section appears. Highlighted fields must be set for bundle to work properly;
    1. On installation a shared API client code & client secret will be populated as default.
    2. A shared API is not recommended for use.  To get a private API, please submit the form below.  It will take up to 24 hours to provide you with a private API key.
    3. When installation RazarCRM into your production account,  it is imperative that a private API be used.
  1. Open your Gmail Calendar. Add a new Calendar.
  2. Enter Calendar name. Click Create Calendar.
  3. The new Calendar is shown in the list.
  4. Create a new Task list
  5. Create a new Gmail Folder
  6. Go to Setup > Custom > Razor CRM Google Setup
  7. Click Authentication button. Gmail window will open.
  8. Sign into Gmail
  9. Click Allow
  10. Copy the code, paste to Code field in NetSuite
  11. Click Set Code button
  12. Go back to NetSuite. Update the Task, Calendar and Mail.  Click Update button
  13. Mail syncing test
    1. Open an existing email. Change label to Sync to NetSuite
    2. Go to NetSuite. Click Setup > Custom > Razor CRM Google Status. Click Pull Mail button
    3. The emails in Gmail are pulled into Employee record in NetSuite
  1.  Calendar and Task Syncing Test
    1. Create a new Event on Calendar.  Select Calendar = Sync to NetSuite
    2. Create a new Task in Sync to NetSuite list
    3. Go to NetSuite.  Click Setup > Custom > Razor CRM Google Status. Click Pull Calendar and Pull Task button
    4. The event and task in Google Calendar is pulled into NetSuite Calendar
  • RAZARCRM: GOOGLE CLIENT SECRET is the API Client Secret   
  1.  Open Google Developer Console http://console.developers.google.com/ 
  2. Create Project for RazarCRM
    1. Set Project Name. Click Create
  3.  Enable API (Gmail, Google People, Tasks, Google Calendar)
    1. Search API
    2. Select the API
    3. Click Enable
  4. Create Credentials.
    1. Set Credentials
  5. Create OAuth Client ID
    1. Select Other
    2. Set Name
    3. Copy Client ID, paste to GOOGLE CLIENT CODE.
    4. Copy Client Secret, paste to GOOGLE CLIENT SECRET
  6.  Enable Google People, Tasks and Calendar
    1. Go back to the Welcome to the new API Library page. Search Google People.
    2. Click Enable
    3. Do the same with Tasks and Calendar