I. Install the Bundle

1. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles

2. Search for ‘Razor’ and select ‘SWA – Razor Messaging’ (bundled# 208421)

3. Click on Install button

4. This will show the preview page and show components that will be installed. Click on Install Bundle to continue

5. A confirmation message will appear, Please Ok to continue

6. A progress page will display, it will show status of installation

7. Status is marked Checked if installation is successful and X if there is an error

II. Configuration

1. Go to Setup > General Preferences

2. Under Custom Preference Tab, a SWA – Razor Messaging section appear. Highlighted fields must be set for bundle to work properly


i. can be configured by getting the internal ID of SWA_HTML_ChatBox.html. Go to Documents > File > File Cabinet

ii. Click on SuiteBundles > Bundle 89188 and copy the internal id

b. SWA – SMS DEFAULT GATEWAY, select which Gateway. Currently supported NEXMO and BURST

c. SWA – SMS ENABLE SENDING, check to enable actual sending of actual SMS

d. SWA – SMS GATEWAY BRAND, this depending on the SMS Gateway and country is supported

3. Sample configuration

III. Messenger Dashboard Setup

1. Create a custom content and click setup

2. Set Source to Razor Messenger

3. Set Contact list, go to Home > Set Preference

4. Under Custom Preferences, set Razor Messenger Person List.

• Saved Search selected for Razor Messenger Person List must have a Formula Text (shows the Name) and Mobile Phone

5. Successful setup will show Contact list and chat box

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