RazarMessaging adds new messaging channels to your NetSuite installation. Chat with partners, vendors, leads, prospects and customers over SMS, Facebook, Linkedin and others directly from your NetSuite Dashboard!

Razar Messaging Words

Multi User SMS

Allow personalised and private SMS communication, between sender and receiver through a common shared virtual number.  RazorMessaging keeps the SMS messages private, and routes them to the person who is responsible for the relationship.

Bring the dialogue back into your CRM, and never loose touch.

NetSuite Native

RazorMessaging is deployed inside Netsuite, and using it feels just like any other everyday activity inside of Netsuite – except messages are easy to send and there’sstreamless customer and stakeholder interaction.
Merge Search Result to Personalised SMS
RazorMessaging powerful SMS Scheduler features allows you to convert any saved search result into a personalised merged SMS, on a range of different time frames. Here’s just a few of the use cases which come up all the time…

…End of Day Sales to the MD at 6pm on trading days.

…Reminder to Meeting attendees 30 mins prior

…Sales Orders to approve to Rep’s Manager when saved.

…Purchase Orders to approve to Requesters Manager every 4 hours.

You get the picture

Connects perfectly

WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Viber, Line, WeChat…everyone has their preference and more often that preference is phone-based.

RazorMessaging is a multi-channel, multi-user instant messaging framework that brings the customer dialogue into your CRM.

Choose a gateway provider

We’ve teamed up with the best SMS Gateway providers from around the globe to bring you flexibility and choice.

See Nexmo & BurstSMS