Sync your Google G Suite and NetSuite environments, and Hyper-Organise your team with Task Automator.

Razar CRM Words

RazarCRM is a managed bundle, designed to bring users of NetSuite a synchronization tool for G Suite which will dramatically improve usability and client satisfaction. Incorporating two core features: 1) G Suite & NetSuite Sync and 2) Task Automator. RazarCRM handles the consistent assignment of tasks within your processes and the movement of your productivity data between G Suite and NetSuite. RazarCRM runs on the server, just tag the email, create a new contact, update your calendar, or complete a task and NetSuite will be in sync.

RazarCRM – NetSuite CRM with Google from CDM on Vimeo.

G Suite & NetSuite Sync

RazarCRM’s G Suite NetSuite Sync installs as a bundle and runs as a server side permission for each user, synchronizing G Suite and NetSuite every 15 minutes or as required. The service synchronizes the following:

Contacts – these are the lifeblood of a business, whether as the embodiment of new opportunities or existing relationships. Whatever your motivation, working with a set of up to date contacts is critical. RazarCRM provides a NetSuite to Google, Google to NetSuite Sync of Contacts. As new contacts are entered into your Google Contacts (whether on your phone or in a browser) they can be sync’ed with a native contact record in NetSuiteCRM.

CRM Tasks – are helpful at getting you organised and keep you on track of what needs to be done. Tasks are synchronized 2 ways: NetSuite to Google and Google to NetSuite. Deal with the tasks on your phone, tablet or in a browser. Couldn’t be easier.

Diary – For managers or revenue generators, the diary is critical to business. It holds so much information about what they are doing on a day to day basis and by synchronizing your Diary with NetSuite, a key piece of knowledge is captured. RazarCRM provides Users with a NetSuite to Google, Google to NetSuite Sync of Events.

Email – is pervasive, the bread and butter of our daily efforts. RazarCRM allows emails tagged against the defined label in GMail to be sync’ed with NetSuite. Email messages are matched with entities on a priority sequence; Employee, Contact, Customer, Vendor, Partner. If an email address isn’t found in NetSuite, a new contact will be automatically created.

RazarCRM Functionl Demo from CDM on Vimeo.

Task Automator

RazarCRM includes a configurable Task Automator which is used to assign CRM tasks to employees and link to entities (Contact, Customer, Partner, Vendor) and Transactions as needed. The tasks are created and assigned to people based on configurable relationships. A template of Tasks could be defined for different scenarios within a unique or common group. For example; leads from ‘LinkedIn’ & leads for ‘Conference Event’ or perhaps ‘New Partners’ or even existing customers ‘Account Management’.

Action Template: When a Task is assigned, it will draw on a relationship from the employee’s record. These could be normal relationships like ‘Supervisor’ or a sideway relationship like ‘Pre-Sales Engineer’. The relationships are expandable and configurable to what you need right on the employee record.

Assignment of Tasks : Tasks are created and assigned when a ‘Task Trigger’ custom record is created. A single custom record which can be easily created by Workflow from any Entity (Contact, Customer, Lead, Prospect, Partner, Project or Other) or Transaction record. Simply configure the workflow to create a new task trigger record when you need it and immediately assign tasks to your team to keep them organized and focused.

RazarCRM is a powerhouse of productivity for your NetSuite users – get automated, get organised, and get synchronized today. To give RazarCRM a try, get in touch and we’ll set up a time to step you though the installation and enablement process.